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    6 Things to Know When a Cat Is Pregnant?

    Cats have an independent nature in giving birth. Her pregnancy can be kept a secret until a small litter of cats is born. However, if taken care of properly, it will be better for both pregnant women and children.

    Near the time of delivery, you need to observe and provide assistance in times of need. To know exactly when your pregnant cat is about to give birth, taking her for ultrasound is the most accurate method. It is a waste if you ignore the following 6.

    Pregnant Cat Sign

    6 Things to Know When a Cat Is Pregnant?

    Signs of pregnancy are evident in many behaviors and especially physical changes during pregnancy. If you do not know how to identify a pregnant cat, you can take your cat to veterinary services for inspection.

    We recommend that if you do not keep dogs for “main breeding” purposes, get your cat to sterilization early. Disinfection makes dogs and cats healthier and lives longer. At the same time, put an end to the party’s inability and let the cat go wild.

    Operation Sign

    Cats are capable of breeding from the time of 4 months. Females love to find mates when the weather is warm, especially in spring and autumn. If you don’t have a lot of time, just watch out for pregnancy signs at this time.

    When they start to get hot, they will call more often. This is one of the ways to attract male cats. If suddenly your domestic cat is “silent” suddenly – her pregnancy is extremely obvious.

    Females often start the reproductive cycle when the weather is warm and once their body mass has increased by about 80%. In other words, after four months of age, cats will be able to breed in unusual cases.

    When pregnant, cats also moody as pregnant. Some cats will be more friendly, but there are also cases of anger, scratching the owner. Don’t be sad though!

    About 3-4 weeks pregnant, cats may be nauseous or vomiting. But if you vomit too much, you should take it to a vet for immediate check up.

    Body Sign

    The most obvious sign of pregnancy is a big belly and a large back, exactly like a pregnant woman. If all the parts are fat, just “naked” to gain your weight, not pregnant.

    Another way to identify pregnant cats is to look at their nipples. The breast will be bigger, or pink, or produce milk. But in fact, cat breasts have changed since they started to get hot. Therefore, this way of checking is not entirely accurate.

    How to Take Care of a Mother Cat

    6 Things to Know When a Cat Is Pregnant?

    You should consult with your veterinarian when your cat is pregnant, especially if she is sick. There are two most important points to remember now.

    • Are there any signs of unusual pregnancy?
    • What to prepare for your birthday? (Need to see if the cat is pregnant for a few months, then give birth, to prepare in time)

    Pregnant Cat Time

    The gestation period for cats is about 58 – 67 days. The human gold standard is 9 days 10 days and week cats (60-63 days). When you are pregnant, you should scan the cat at least once.

    Firstly, to know exactly how many months a cat is pregnant. Second to know the number of kittens are carrying. This is very important, avoid missing children and vegetables after birth without knowing it.

    Signs Of Cat Miscarriage

    Cat miscarriage is not a common phenomenon. Many causes are caused by parasites or fungi. Another cause is a hormonal or genetic imbalance that causes the fetus to die prematurely.

    Signs of miscarriage include: vaginal discharge, pregnant cats with blood and touching the cat’s stomach are no longer difficult.

    If the cause is an outside cat, it is best to take the mother cat to a veterinary hospital to check if she can save any kitten. Never inject or use any medicine while your cat is pregnant.

    Prepare When Your Cat Gives Birth

    Let the cat lie as naturally as possible. Becoming a motherhood instinct helps a cat find a reasonable and spacious nesting place for its cubs. Do not try to create a nest and then tie the cat in it.

    If you are in the cold winter, you can enhance driving warmer. Keep the space around the drive clean and quiet.

    No matter how many months pregnant the cat is, close to the date of birth, the cat will actively look for her nest. Should supplement nutrition when the cat is about to give birth.

    How to Breed Newborn Cats

    Absolutely limit strangers contact cat litter after birth, avoid the mother cat kittens go away. If the kitten has an intestinal lump in the belly button, it may help to cut. But must wait for the cord connected to the mother gut is dry and remember to disinfect scissors.

    Always provide enough nutrition for the mother cat right before and after birth. This is the time when mothers need to eat and drink a lot to provide milk for their cubs.

    Note, cats are not human, do not give your cat food for humans at this time. Newborn kittens have a weak digestive system, so it’s best for them to breastfeed.

    How to Take Care of a Newborn Kitten to Lose Its Mother

    In the case of death, try to find another mother to adopt another kitten. If not, feed your baby with infant milk. Newborn cats are greatly impaired without a mother. Therefore, it is important to keep the mother’s health and check her cat regularly during several months of pregnancy.

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    Do Betta Fish like Plants in Their Tank?

    What or who is the betta fish?

    Do Betta Fish like Plants in Their Tank?

    For those who have no idea about what we are going to discuss in this article, very first let’s understand what or is the betta fish. Betta aka Siamese Fighting fish is a fish of high demand in the aquarium trade. They are the member of gourami (species of fishes) family and are characterized as very conscious & aggressive about their territories.

    The study has shown that male bettas are more concerned about their territory and will break into a fight if kept in the same aquarium. The only possible and fatal outcome is the death of one or both the bettas. Female bettas are not so aggressive but they may also get in a fight with each other if kept in a small aquarium which leads to their physical contact resulting in unavoidable crises over territory domination. But in the case of female bettas, the not so dominating betta may run for her life if there’s a path of escape resulting in the more favorable outcome of both the female bettas being alive. It is recommended that male and female bettas should not be kept together because both will get into a fight over territory domination resulting in loss of life and property.

    But an exception to this recommendation is made when the reproduction process is to be done as this species is in high demand in aquarium business as mentioned earlier and also this species is categorized as Vulnerable by the department of International Union for Conversation of Nature i.e. IUCN. The reproduction process is carried out under closed surveillance and as per the guidelines provided by IUCN making sure that both male and female bettas are safe and there is no harm to the newborn baby betta fish.


    So as you would have understood from the above, that betta fish is not very friendly and likes to be alone. But what about those moments when it gets sad and lonely by spending too much time with self-company. As options of introducing other bettas in the aquarium tank are out of the box, let’s go through what other choices do we have.

    What can be kept in betta’s tanks?

    Do Betta Fish like Plants in Their Tank?

    Now living so much time alone, even an aggressive fish like betta is bound to get bored and lonely but just like every problem in this universe if this one got a solution. The following options may be implemented to give company to your betta fish. Let’s have a look at them and their drawbacks or limitations.

    Place a ball or pushable item in the tank with whom your betta could play

    If a small and lightweight ball is placed in the tank on the water surface, then your betta can play with it pushing and dancing it around. It is generally seen that dominating nature and brave kind bettas’ push the ball on the water surface. But the drawback of the method is that, if the ball is kept for too long in the tank the betta fish may be under the constant stress of proving itself that it can push the ball as domination and feeling of pride is in their nature. Eventually, after the repetitive process, it will get bored of it leaving the ball nothing but a waste commodity in the tank.

    Use a mirror to get your betta excited about itself

    Small mirrors or professionally made mirrors for water tanks available in the market can be used for this purpose. Bettas are particularly seen reacting to their own reflections being excited about it. When three to six mirrors are introduced at different angles, bettas can see their own flare which results in more flare generation by them. Encouraging a betta to flare also helps to potentially defecate which gives a chance to the owner to check for any type of tears or infection. The mirrors may have a negative effect on self-conscious bettas who may not like their fins and flares be portrayed, making the application of mirror a restricted choice.

    Use of floating decorations

    Various types of floating decorations and logs can be introduced in the betta fish aquarium tank. Many bettas like to swim through and around them. Many bettas prefer to sleep in them. Studies have also shown that bettas tend to build nests in these logs. Many decorative items can be used for this purpose giving the lonely betta fish a company. But be careful as too many objects and items in the tank may clog the surrounding leaving no place for the betta which as you may have got an idea till now is a major deal-breaker for the beta kind.

    Use markers

    Various combinations of markers or just a solo marker could be used to draw on the aquarium tank which intrigues the betta as seeing any new object is always a matter of curiosity be it may in humans or fishes alike. Simple shapes like triangle, heart, star etc. can be drawn on the fish tank wall which will make the betta take a look at it and think about it which keeps it engaged. The use of markers can be very untidy if it isn’t an erasable one. This will clog the tank wall leaving no area for the entrance of light and also cutting out the contact of betta with the outside world.

    Paste stick on

    It is similar to using a marker for drawing, just in this case paper cut on is directly stick to the aquarium wall tank. The betta may get intrigued by the new material and come to investigate it. This has got the same limitation as markers, stick materials make the wall untidy and also the solid shapes block the outside view of the betta.

    Going through all these points you must be thinking isn’t there any way of making betta fish feel less lonely and also not harming it while doing so. The answer to your question is YES there is. That way is also very friendly in nature because that way is the use of plants.

    Do bettas like plants?

    Do Betta Fish like Plants in Their Tank?

    Yes, a very big yes because they just not like but love plants. As plants are both nature friendly and don’t pose a threat to territory domination, bettas go hand in hand with them. Studies have typically shown that, introduction of 20% to 30% plants area to the total area of tank acts as favourable environment for healthy living and growth of betta fishes. Wide variety of plants are available to be kept in betta fish tank. Some of the best choices from that with their specific function are:

    • Java fern: Easy to grow.
    • Java moss: Good hiding plant.
    • Amazon frogbit: Provides shade
    • Betta balls: Act as a cool toy.

    These are the various options you can choose from and to answer the question that was asked in the title itself, do betta fish like plants in their tank? Yes, they love it. So don’t waste any more of your precious time and give us a call to bring home a new playing partner to your betta from our wide variety of betta plants as we have the best Betta Fish plants.

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    How to Make a Hamster Water Bottle?


    How to make a hamster water bottle?

    There is no doubt the hamsters are irresistibly lovable and full of charming nature. Apart from their beautiful factor, the hamster lovers might face little difficulties with these cute little fluffy balls and all the hamsters of the rodent species share their common traits and body features. You can also name this cute, little, lovable ones as chewing machines because their teeth have got a tendency to grow progressively throughout their entire lifetime. Their strong and sharp teeth make it tough on anything present inside their cage that also includes their water bottle.

    Advantages of using guinea pig water bottle

    guinea pig water bottle

    You might have doubts that can hamster drink water placed in the bowl? The answer for this most commonly asked question is Yes, Hamsters are capable to drink water from a bowl in a perfect manner. But since they are so engaging and active, they could easily make the water in the water bowl to go dirty and contaminated spontaneously. When you plan to make use of a bowl, your physical work could be doubled such as scrubbing and changing it out every day.

    You need to spend small time with them and you could not take care of it during your busy schedules. In such cases, it would harm your hamster’s health because they are prone to get infections quickly in means of no time. Even n few cases, some hamsters are found even peeing in the water bowl and this really would ruin their health in a matter of no time. In order to avoid these, you can prefer using best guinea pig water bottle and many of the hamster lovers around the globe are providing water to their lovable rodents by using water bottles.

    Choosing the best guinea pig water bottles

    Choosing the best guinea pig water bottles

    As an alternative choice, you can a proper plan to construct a water bottle all by yourself or adapt the same by utilizing a chicken waterer nipple. You can buy it in any quantity and adapt its usage with small bottles, buckets as well as PVC lines. They possess a small lever to releases water slowly and also it does not make any kind of quiet clicking noise. This material is made up of plastic component, so it is sure that your hamster or even other rodents would likely chew it. This could be totally upsetting and it is totally a bad idea which is unwelcoming since they could accidentally wet themselves. As a hamster owner, you knew that it is very bad for hamsters to get wet entirely.

    If your hamster’s bottle gets damaged on chewing or subjected to leaks, then you can try a do it yourself water bottle and this can really provide with a reasonable replacement. Water bottles consisting of the stainless steel tube along with bead are the most effective and sanitary part of supplying water to rodents. It can be cleaned easily and your little guy will not be able to foul and contaminate their water with urine as well as faeces. These water bottles could be simply hung on the outer part of the cage and so the animal could not climb on it or bite the bottle. The only disadvantage of this guinea pig water bottle is the bead tends to make a sound and many people seem to be objectionable.

    Steps by step method to make water bottles by yourself

    Steps by step method to make water bottles by yourself

    The first

    step is to mark the centre point inside the water bottle’s cap by using the sharpie.

    The second

    step is to pierce the cap at the marked portion of sharpie and you can simply use the large nail and hammer to pierce. Make sure to keep the cap on a surface which will not damage if the nail gets through the cap.

    The third

    step is to put back the cap on the water bottle.

    The fourth

    step is to just drill the cap at the point of its starter hole by utilising the power drill as well as the 1/4-inch drill bit. You must drill slowly and make sure that you are holding the bottle firmly.

    The fifth

    step to be followed is to simply remove the cap.

    The sixth

    step to be taken into account is the attachment of the rubber stopper at the outer portion of cap by the help of silicone material. You must be sure that the hole made earlier in the bottle just gets lined up with the hole made recently in the stopper.

    The seventh

    step is to allow it for two days for helping the silicone to cure.

    The eighth

    step is to insert the plastic tube inside the rubber stopper till the plastic tube flushes with the hole in the rubber stopper. You can adjust the angle of the tube simply by bending it and adjust the angle according to the angle of a commercial best guinea pig water bottle that you own.

    The ninth

    step to be followed is to wash and rinse the water bottle thoroughly. Wash it properly because there could be some dislodging of plastic cap pieces that might have remained after the work. After washing it thoroughly, it is better that you dry it.

    The tenth

    step is to use 12 gauge wires around 2 feet to wrap and hang up the bottle. You can simply twist these up for attaining a firm hanging. You can also use the wire cutters to cut the remaining or extra portions of wire.

    Other important tips to remember

    Other important tips to remember

    Replace the top of the bottle after filling the water and you can simply hang it up. Remember that you should hang the water bottle in the hamster tank while leaving the plastic tube to face the center of tank. You must be sure that the hamster’s water bottle is not hanging too low in the hamster tank, because it might cause the wetting of your hamster bed and even sometimes your hamster might get hurt while trying to play with it. These ten steps are more than enough to make a guinea pig water bottle all by yourself.

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    1. Deathly sweet tooth – Chocolate, especially dark or baking chocolate is very toxic and dangerous for dogs and cats. It can cause vomiting, restlessness,heart disturbances, and even death. Make sure all family members understand the dangers of sharing their candy with their pets. If you suspect your pet has ingested something toxice call the Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435. 
    2. Pumpkins and decorative corn are considered to be relatively non toxic; however they can produce stomach problems.
    3. Ensure that all lit pumpkins and candles are out of reach for pets. Kittens are curious as well as puppies; cats can jump and watch out for those big dog tails.  If you are unsure about the safety of your pet on Halloween, best to confine them in a separate room with food and water. No Fires!
    4. When opening the door for trick – or – treaters make sure your dog or cat doesn’t dart out. 
    5. If this is your pets first Halloween, be mindful of the extra activity and too many strangers. It can be scary and stressful for pets. I recommend for the newbie pets to break them in a little at a time. Bring them out to greet some trick – or – treaters occasionally, hold them and speak with a gentle fun tone, but no screeching.
    6. Don’t leave pets outside on Halloween. Many animals disappear as pranksters and those with darker intentions tease, abduct, torture, or even kill pets. Black cats are frequent targets of cruel activities on Halloween.  Please keep them in during the week of Halloween. Many animal shelters will not allow black cat adoptions during the week of Halloween.
    7. Please do not force your pet to wear a costume. Some pets truly are Hams and others are not.  Only if they love it –  then do it up! Some costumes also contain material that may cause an allergic reaction. Try on the costume the night before and observe for any abnormal behavior. If your pet doesn’t prefer a costume, try a festive bandana.
    8. If your pet wants to be a part of the action, make sure the costume does not constrict any movement, the ability to see, hearing,  and the ability to breathe, bark or meow. Check the costume for dangling objects that can get caught and injure your pet or small objects that can be chewed off and choked on.
    9. Please! Make sure your pet has an ID or is micro chipped. This will improve your chances of getting your pet if they get lost.
    10. Advise your children to throw away candy wrappers in a place where the pet can’t get.  Candy wrappers can get stuck in your pets’ digestive tract and make them seriously ill or cause death. Make or buy a special treat for pet for Halloween to involve your children and not leave your pet out.
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    NYC Pet Food Drive

    email meAs an organization that focuses on the welfare of animals and the human /animal bond, it is imperative and a element of who we are that we continue to be involved in the community and other organizations that share similar  missions.
    We are committed to helping   shelters accelerate pet adoptions and reduce relinquishments, are interested in the research that supports the physical well being of  animals and our desire is to be a community orientated organization, one that others can depend on.
    Pet Home Health Agency in coordination with NYC Senior Centers organized a Pet food drive. The Pet food drive for homebound senior citizens is an event that helps our local homebound seniors with pet food. Most homebound folks receive meals on wheels for their nutritional support, however some own pets which also need nutritional support. We have found that some seniors will sacrifice some if not all of their meals for their pet compromising their own health.
    Pet Home Health Agency, Carter Burden Center, Stanly Isaacs Center and the Jewish Associations for Services for the Aged collected donations from local folks and the Animal Medical Center in order to deliver pet food for our homebound seniors that have pets. The pet food was delivered on May 2nd, 2009, with the help of Citymeals on Wheels which provided the volunteers.
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    New Puppy! 10 mistakes new pet parents make!

       1            Too much love                                                                  

    Pets need boundaries and rules, spoiling your pet actually makes it harder for the animal, because they make mistakes that they are punished for. They need clear rules and boundaries just like children. This will decrease bad habits. Make your rules and boundaries clear from the very beginning.

             2            Too much punishment

    Most new pet parents observe the mistakes rather than the good behavior. Punishing results in tension, so reward good behaviors. Ex; urinating in the house often results in the owners yelling at the dog, what the problem is usually a lack of supervision from the owners. Focus on the positive.

             3            Not having your pet spayed or neutered

    Pet overpopulation is a crisis. Spayed or neutered decreases aggression and risk for disease. It is a healthy choice to spay or neuter.

             4            Supervision 

    Always supervise your pet with children. Teach your children how to play nicely with the dog, be aware of and teach them signs of when the pet has had enough play time. Pets get tired too, especially puppies and the senior pets.

             5            They are not human

     They are animals and you want them to be a part of the family, remember they are animals. They don’t think like humans, they are instinctive and don’t do things on purpose. Keep this in mind the next time you see them doing something wrong.

             6            Buying your pet spontaneously

    Mismatch of the right pet for you and your family is heartbreaking, time consuming and frustrating. Avoid it by educating yourself on the breeds you may want. Talk to those who own one and learn about the cost and care.. Particular breeds of dogs come with particular problems most likely to crop up.

             7            Inconsistency

     Bad behavior results from inconsistent rules and boundaries. There allowed on the bed or not, they are allowed on the couch but not the bed….  In the dogs mind saying ‘which is it, I’m confused, so I’ll do what I want. “They don’t understand the difference between the couch and the bed.  Make a family meeting on the rules of the pet and make sure everyone agrees. Feeding time and exercise should also be consistent.

             8            Too many treats

    Too many and it loses its reward system. Don’t always give a treat for good behavior, this keeps them hoping and eventually he will perform without the treat.

             9            Not socializing

    Not socializing can develop fears and aggressive behavior .The first 3-12 weeks for dogs is critical socialization period. 2-8 wks for cats

          10            Skimping on the exercise

    Barking, jumping and hostile behavior is a part of the pets’ energy. Unleash it. Walk at least 2ce a day for 30’ each. Dogs need more exercise than people.