Founded by Charlene Overcash since 2008. We are a group of licensed Veterinarian Technicians with a total of 35 years of experience and are guided by a home health expert with 11 years of home health business knowledge. This allows us to parallel a visiting nurse service, formualting a more comprehensive, systematic, complete service always keeping the pet and pet owners first. Charlene has been recognized in one of the largest nationally known dog magazines ( Bark), she is a speaker on topics of home health for pets and for men and women reviving their careers and lives after 50 and over the years she and her staff have successfully provided hundreds of pet home visits.

We are committed and dedicated to providing safe and effective treatments for your pet.


Pet Home Health Agency was founded in order to provide
high quality and efficient pet care in the home for all persons
with pets. Our hope is to encourage those to keep their pets
that are chronically ill, to opt for surgery, or to assist those
that are in need of respite or help with care at home. Pet
Home Health Agency provides a valuable resource for caring
for your pet, while enhancing a strong connection with your
Veterinarian. It is our mission and passion to facilitate long
and happy lives for your pet.