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    How to Make a Hamster Water Bottle?


    How to make a hamster water bottle?

    There is no doubt the hamsters are irresistibly lovable and full of charming nature. Apart from their beautiful factor, the hamster lovers might face little difficulties with these cute little fluffy balls and all the hamsters of the rodent species share their common traits and body features. You can also name this cute, little, lovable ones as chewing machines because their teeth have got a tendency to grow progressively throughout their entire lifetime. Their strong and sharp teeth make it tough on anything present inside their cage that also includes their water bottle.

    Advantages of using guinea pig water bottle

    guinea pig water bottle

    You might have doubts that can hamster drink water placed in the bowl? The answer for this most commonly asked question is Yes, Hamsters are capable to drink water from a bowl in a perfect manner. But since they are so engaging and active, they could easily make the water in the water bowl to go dirty and contaminated spontaneously. When you plan to make use of a bowl, your physical work could be doubled such as scrubbing and changing it out every day.

    You need to spend small time with them and you could not take care of it during your busy schedules. In such cases, it would harm your hamster’s health because they are prone to get infections quickly in means of no time. Even n few cases, some hamsters are found even peeing in the water bowl and this really would ruin their health in a matter of no time. In order to avoid these, you can prefer using best guinea pig water bottle and many of the hamster lovers around the globe are providing water to their lovable rodents by using water bottles.

    Choosing the best guinea pig water bottles

    Choosing the best guinea pig water bottles

    As an alternative choice, you can a proper plan to construct a water bottle all by yourself or adapt the same by utilizing a chicken waterer nipple. You can buy it in any quantity and adapt its usage with small bottles, buckets as well as PVC lines. They possess a small lever to releases water slowly and also it does not make any kind of quiet clicking noise. This material is made up of plastic component, so it is sure that your hamster or even other rodents would likely chew it. This could be totally upsetting and it is totally a bad idea which is unwelcoming since they could accidentally wet themselves. As a hamster owner, you knew that it is very bad for hamsters to get wet entirely.

    If your hamster’s bottle gets damaged on chewing or subjected to leaks, then you can try a do it yourself water bottle and this can really provide with a reasonable replacement. Water bottles consisting of the stainless steel tube along with bead are the most effective and sanitary part of supplying water to rodents. It can be cleaned easily and your little guy will not be able to foul and contaminate their water with urine as well as faeces. These water bottles could be simply hung on the outer part of the cage and so the animal could not climb on it or bite the bottle. The only disadvantage of this guinea pig water bottle is the bead tends to make a sound and many people seem to be objectionable.

    Steps by step method to make water bottles by yourself

    Steps by step method to make water bottles by yourself

    The first

    step is to mark the centre point inside the water bottle’s cap by using the sharpie.

    The second

    step is to pierce the cap at the marked portion of sharpie and you can simply use the large nail and hammer to pierce. Make sure to keep the cap on a surface which will not damage if the nail gets through the cap.

    The third

    step is to put back the cap on the water bottle.

    The fourth

    step is to just drill the cap at the point of its starter hole by utilising the power drill as well as the 1/4-inch drill bit. You must drill slowly and make sure that you are holding the bottle firmly.

    The fifth

    step to be followed is to simply remove the cap.

    The sixth

    step to be taken into account is the attachment of the rubber stopper at the outer portion of cap by the help of silicone material. You must be sure that the hole made earlier in the bottle just gets lined up with the hole made recently in the stopper.

    The seventh

    step is to allow it for two days for helping the silicone to cure.

    The eighth

    step is to insert the plastic tube inside the rubber stopper till the plastic tube flushes with the hole in the rubber stopper. You can adjust the angle of the tube simply by bending it and adjust the angle according to the angle of a commercial best guinea pig water bottle that you own.

    The ninth

    step to be followed is to wash and rinse the water bottle thoroughly. Wash it properly because there could be some dislodging of plastic cap pieces that might have remained after the work. After washing it thoroughly, it is better that you dry it.

    The tenth

    step is to use 12 gauge wires around 2 feet to wrap and hang up the bottle. You can simply twist these up for attaining a firm hanging. You can also use the wire cutters to cut the remaining or extra portions of wire.

    Other important tips to remember

    Other important tips to remember

    Replace the top of the bottle after filling the water and you can simply hang it up. Remember that you should hang the water bottle in the hamster tank while leaving the plastic tube to face the center of tank. You must be sure that the hamster’s water bottle is not hanging too low in the hamster tank, because it might cause the wetting of your hamster bed and even sometimes your hamster might get hurt while trying to play with it. These ten steps are more than enough to make a guinea pig water bottle all by yourself.