New Puppy! 10 mistakes new pet parents make!

   1            Too much love                                                                  

Pets need boundaries and rules, spoiling your pet actually makes it harder for the animal, because they make mistakes that they are punished for. They need clear rules and boundaries just like children. This will decrease bad habits. Make your rules and boundaries clear from the very beginning.

         2            Too much punishment

Most new pet parents observe the mistakes rather than the good behavior. Punishing results in tension, so reward good behaviors. Ex; urinating in the house often results in the owners yelling at the dog, what the problem is usually a lack of supervision from the owners. Focus on the positive.

         3            Not having your pet spayed or neutered

Pet overpopulation is a crisis. Spayed or neutered decreases aggression and risk for disease. It is a healthy choice to spay or neuter.

         4            Supervision 

Always supervise your pet with children. Teach your children how to play nicely with the dog, be aware of and teach them signs of when the pet has had enough play time. Pets get tired too, especially puppies and the senior pets.

         5            They are not human

 They are animals and you want them to be a part of the family, remember they are animals. They don’t think like humans, they are instinctive and don’t do things on purpose. Keep this in mind the next time you see them doing something wrong.

         6            Buying your pet spontaneously

Mismatch of the right pet for you and your family is heartbreaking, time consuming and frustrating. Avoid it by educating yourself on the breeds you may want. Talk to those who own one and learn about the cost and care.. Particular breeds of dogs come with particular problems most likely to crop up.

         7            Inconsistency

 Bad behavior results from inconsistent rules and boundaries. There allowed on the bed or not, they are allowed on the couch but not the bed….  In the dogs mind saying ‘which is it, I’m confused, so I’ll do what I want. “They don’t understand the difference between the couch and the bed.  Make a family meeting on the rules of the pet and make sure everyone agrees. Feeding time and exercise should also be consistent.

         8            Too many treats

Too many and it loses its reward system. Don’t always give a treat for good behavior, this keeps them hoping and eventually he will perform without the treat.

         9            Not socializing

Not socializing can develop fears and aggressive behavior .The first 3-12 weeks for dogs is critical socialization period. 2-8 wks for cats

      10            Skimping on the exercise

Barking, jumping and hostile behavior is a part of the pets’ energy. Unleash it. Walk at least 2ce a day for 30’ each. Dogs need more exercise than people.