NYC Pet Food Drive

email meAs an organization that focuses on the welfare of animals and the human /animal bond, it is imperative and a element of who we are that we continue to be involved in the community and other organizations that share similar  missions.
We are committed to helping   shelters accelerate pet adoptions and reduce relinquishments, are interested in the research that supports the physical well being of  animals and our desire is to be a community orientated organization, one that others can depend on.
Pet Home Health Agency in coordination with NYC Senior Centers organized a Pet food drive. The Pet food drive for homebound senior citizens is an event that helps our local homebound seniors with pet food. Most homebound folks receive meals on wheels for their nutritional support, however some own pets which also need nutritional support. We have found that some seniors will sacrifice some if not all of their meals for their pet compromising their own health.
Pet Home Health Agency, Carter Burden Center, Stanly Isaacs Center and the Jewish Associations for Services for the Aged collected donations from local folks and the Animal Medical Center in order to deliver pet food for our homebound seniors that have pets. The pet food was delivered on May 2nd, 2009, with the help of Citymeals on Wheels which provided the volunteers.