Resources & Faqs

1) I have a pet that has Diabetes, and I have difficulty giving the insulin shot, how can I get Pet Home Health Agency to send a Veterinary Technician to my home?
Ask your Veterinarian to e-mail or fax Pet Home Health Agency or call us directly  and we will take it from there and you are on your way of having a Vet Tech come to your home and assist you with your pet.
2) What is the quickest way to contact you?     Feel free to call me at 336-932-5201 however E-mail is the quickest, [email protected]
3) I am a Veterinarian, how can I provide my clients with your service?  E-mail or call Pet Home Health Agency, and we will be delighted to tell you about the day to day operations and options of individual referral system or contracting. We are always happy to come to your facility  and  set up a lunch and learn at your convenience.
4) How much does the service cost?   The fees are variable according to the service that is rendered. The fees are comparable to your regular Veterinarian visit.
5) My dog is shy, how will the Vet Tech respond to my dog’s shyness?  Our Vet Techs are highly experienced with many kinds of different animal temperaments. Most pets are more comfortable in their own surroundings, and our Vet Techs will take their time to build a rapport with your pet to increase your pets comfort level. This is one of the keys of successful treatment for your pet.
6) How is payment made?   Payment is made when services are rendered and we accept major credit cards. (American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover). We also accept cash and checks; however this is discouraged for the safety of our Vet Techs who are traveling .
7) How will I know when my Vet Tech is coming to my home?   Our Vet Techs contact you the morning of or the day after we receive your pets’ information. Pet Home Health Agency is a convenience for you and we make all attempts at gearing our appointments around your schedule.
8) How experienced are the Veterinary Technicians?   Our Vet Techs have a total of 35 years experience in Intensive Care, Critical Care or Emergency Room setting. Our Vet Techs possess special skills and are experts in the home health field. They are critical thinkers, highly sociable and educated, independent persons who are compassionate about the concept of providing home health to pets in the  home. They are trained by a home health veteran of nine years.
9) How does the Veterinarian know what the Vet Tech is doing?  Communication is an essential key to providing the life line between you, your pet and your Veterinarian. Our Vet Techs communicate with your Veterinarian on a daily basis, about the treatment that was performed, client education, response of the pet and potential progress.
10) Can the Vet Tech help me make my follow up appointment with the Veterinarian?  Of course. Client coordination is in the job description of the home health Vet Tech. They can call your Veterinarian and set up your appointments. Follow up and preventive care is one of our major goals.
11) What if my pets’ health declines while the Vet Tech is present?  Our Vet Techs are trained to know what to do and when to call the Veterinarian or when to go the Emergency room. Our Vet Techs will stay with you and your pet during this time, they will assist you with getting your pet to the Veterinarian or ER. It our policy and goes against our ethics to abandon a sick pet with a potentially life threatening condition.
12) My dog is having surgery in a few weeks; can I set up for a Vet Tech to come to my home prior to his surgery? Yes. Just give us a call and we will call your Veterinarian for the details and reserve your appointment.