We value our clients and their pets and are compassionate about the well being of your pet. Our outstanding staff members are highly trained licensed Veterinary Technicians who carry sharp critical thinking skills and superior communication and social skills and are considered to be home health experts.

Our staff will treat your pet like it is their own. We will answer all your questions and concerns about the follow up care and continual well being of your pet. We will assist you in feeling confident and comfortable in caring for your pet and you will have decrease fear and a sense of accomplishment in taking an active role in the care and quality of life of your pet.

Teamwork is essential for our staff. Communication with your Veterinarian after each visit is key to the success of your pet’s health and continuity of care. We will connect with your pet and are the lifeline between you and your Veterinarian.

If an emergency shall arise with your pet while our Vet Techs are in your home, it is Pet Home Health Agency’s policy that our Vet Techs remain with you and assist you in transporting your pet to the Emergency Room.