I don’t know how I could have managed to give my cat L____the preoperative and postoperative care she needed for her recent surgery without the help of Pet Home Health Agency. Not only did they provide expert medical care, their loving  support got us through a very difficult time. Here are just a few of the things they did for us:
Taught me how to treat L___ with a Flovent inhaler and provided the daily preoperative treatment for two weeks until I was comfortable doing it by myself; checked her heartbeat and other vital signs at each visit; advised me on the kind of litter to use while her incision was healing.
The President and one vet technician came with us when I brought L____ home after her surgery. They lifted her out of her carrier and placed her in the large dog crate I had prepared for her convalescence and stayed for at least two hours, showing me how to remove and put on her Elizabethan collar and how to handle and nurse a cat who is recovering from surgery.
After the surgery, a technician came twice a day to check her incision and administer medication until I was comfortable with the procedures and removed her pain patch when it was no longer needed.
Their knowledgeable, professional approach to their service is outstanding. Best of all, L___ loved having them care for her. She looked forward to their visits!
New York, NY                            Referral by Veterinarian

I am a first time pet owner and I have to say that I love this service. Rose is fabulous, takes her time and doesn’t rush anything. I like the fact that they teach, their goal is to educate and make pet owners more confident and independent in their care for their pets. They helped with techniques for applying eye and ear drops in which I became proficient in doing myself. I like that they come to you in your own home which eliminates stressing your pet and scheduling is catered to the pet owner.
BL   ———-   N. Massapequa, NY          referral by Veterinarian
This is a wonderful service. From my first phone consultation (per Veterinarian referral)with Charlene, I was impressed by their empathy & obvious experience. They first contacted my Vet, then came to meet me and my cat & took a full history of the patient. As someone living alone, I’ve found it particularly helpful. My terrific visiting Vet Tech, Lindsay, comes three times a week. She is reliable, considerate, kind, patient, flexible, experienced and skilled. This way, my elderly, ailing kitty is able to get the treatment and medications that he needs without the added stress of a visit to the Vet or me chasing him around the house! Lindsay deals with crises, drama and less than ideal conditions with gracious humor. I highly recommend the Pet Home Health Agency.               MS———-Ossining,  NY
referral  by Veterinarian 

Thank you Pet Home Health Agency for your professionalism, immediate response, support and sincere caring way. Charlene and the Vet Tech Ameerah showed great care and concern. Helping us with our cat during this difficult time was a tremendous comfort. Ameerah was compassionate, professional and knew her job well. She completed a physical assessment, assisted and instructed me with the sub-q fluids, she took her time, and was patient and kind.  I feel that this was an extraordinary experience and I am glad Pet Home Health Agency exists and I would recommend it to anyone!                                                                        referred by Veterinarian                                                                   IL——-Woodside, NY

At a time when my 17-year old cat’s medical conditions had begun to take their toll on me as well as her, the ASC referred me to Pet Home Health Agency.  Stress was growing on my part as to whether I can continue to effectively care for my pet at home. Within 24-hours, Charlene and her vet tech arrived at my front door. What a relief it is to know that my pet is being medically monitored with care and concern by the PHHA staff between vet and/or ER visits. I am pleased to now have the pet nursing services PHHA provides, as well as the pet-owner support the PHHA staff offers without hesitation in every way they can. Additionally, PHHA keeps the vets abreast of my pet’s condition at home, which is great for me and my veterinarians!   referral  by Veterinarian         J.C. ——–Bronxville,NY

“We would have to leave our dog at the Hospital if it wasn’t for the Pet Home Health Agency. They sent a Vet Tech to our home, and now we don’t worry, it is a lot easier being home with our dog who is recuperating from surgery. They come at a time during the day that is convenient and we appreciate that.”                        Ty Tan — Brooklyn, NY               referral by Veterinarian

My sixteen year old cat Thompson suffers from kidney disease and as a result has developed high blood pressure. To prevent a stroke, it is imperative to have his blood pressure monitored on a regular basis. As Thompson gets overly upset whenever he is removed from familiar surroundings, his vet suggested that I have his blood pressure monitored at home by a mobile vet service. Unfortunately, none of the mobile services I contacted were able to provide blood pressure monitoring. I had given up on obtaining help for Thompson when AMC suggested that I call the Pet Home Health Agency.
Charlene Overcash returned my call immediately and made an appointment for a home visit. Thanks to the licensed vet tech’s warm, caring and professional manner, I am delighted to say that Thompson responded calmly to the procedure and received an accurate blood pressure reading. And, the test results were immediately communicated to my veterinarian. I am happy to report his blood pressure was normal.
From now on, Pet Home Health Agency is my home health service by choice. I highly recommend them to anyone who values their pet’s health and needs in-home service.
Sincerely , Diane Kimbrell and Thompson        Queens, NY             referral by Veterinarian            

“I think the services are great and I really appreciate it. I especially appreciate Jerome’s dedication to my dog “Duke”!                        Wagner Thielens ———— New York, NY